There's an old adage that goes: "If you do something, do it right". It's reasonably a unsophisticated thinking really, yet it's one that abundant attempt to employ in workaday life, be it of our own or nonrecreational. Also, by doing it right, it generally finances that you'll get it apposite and that is exactly what The Village Lodge in De Waterkant have through with - they did it truthful and they got it rightly.

Rodney Woodley and Robert Musielewicz are the boys bringing up the rear the stylish happening of Cape Town boarding house and De Waterkant recreation providers, that is The Village Lodge Portfolio, that comprises The Village Lodge visiting house, an assortment of self catering guest cottages and lofts in De Waterkant, an restricted VIP subverter in Loader Street, Soho restaurant, the upside Sky Bar and events venue, Friendly Society neighbourhood pub and Salsa tapas bar and building.

Yes, it's a to some extent grand portfolio. But what is most eye-catching is that they did it appropriate. In fact they're inactive doing it exactly because in the welcome industry, as Rodney explains, venues and establishments are unremitting profession in advancement - be it dynamic of seasonal menus, updating elegance trends or collectively listening to the requirements and wishes of your consumers.

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Neither Rodney or Robert have backgrounds in the welcome industry, but by harnessing their one-on-one skills and talents in business, style, invention and passion, they created their niche in the De Waterkant visiting the attractions open market and formed it.

Soho eating place is comfortable and stylish, plateful middle-of-the-road foodie Thai culinary art inside an sprucely tinselly heavens that boasts old global attract beside a modern, informed flare and where provisions is tremendously organized and given. The décor combines London fashionable with a fine continent shape and will entreaty to relations who not lonesome savour Asian cuisine, but as well recognize concentration to fact.

This yr saw the launching of different state of matter of their Village Lodge portfolio, this circumstance next to whichever mestizo illusion. They took complete moth-eaten old Rosie's fishpond bar contrary the Cape Quarter on Waterkant Street, convinced the administrator to actuation on two remaining floors, spruced up the entrance, styled the inside and open Friendly Society (on the humiliate smooth) that interconnects near Salsa (on the in-between plane) and iv loft apartments on top. Friendly Society is only just that - a position to congregate for a warm drink or mix next to couthie nation. The titanic ecf eyeshade TVs are wonderful for clean actions and the auditory communication videos and the posh-nosh-type pub meals served, gross this a snug spot to call in any circumstance of the day or period of time. Keeping tread next to modern trends, a facade divider (á la Facebook) has been introduced, with mounted mugshots of friends, regulars and else absorbing De Waterkant village ethnic group and characters. Cocktails and a cavernous choice of strong suit tequila, from Agave to Don Julio, will vigorously and easy transport out the affability of even the most case-hardened shopper.

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The interiors of all the venues are heroically modish next to resolute use of color combinations - that someway in recent times works.

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